Featured: Possible Motorola Atrix 3 Specs & Photo Leaked


It's only been a little over a year (by a month really) since the original Motorola Atrix came out, and it looks like we're already at the 3rd iteration of this phone – the Atrix 3. The original Atrix was the first dual core smartphone in US, had 1 GB of RAM (also pretty unseen back then) and it came with the promise that it will power a mock-laptop, or a laptop shell, that would run entirely on the phone's hardware.

The Atrix 3 seems to want to keep up with that tradition, because its specs seem pretty powerful indeed:

  • quad core Tegra 3 CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1280×720 display
  • 3300 mAh battery
  • 10 MP camera

The quad core Tegra 3, while impressive on its own, it's really something we'd start expecting by now on the high-end smartphones. The 2 GB of RAM is definitely something I would expect to see this year especially in tablets, as soon as possible, but also in smartphones. It's still nice that Motorola is one of the first to have it, though, and I imagine they'll quite quite a bit of attention over it.

The display is HD (not specified if Super AMOLED or LCD), which I really expect all high-end smartphones right now. Even the original RAZR should've had an HD screen, but didn't. I'm glad to see Motorola isn't failing us here this time. Another very welcome surprise, which is also showing that Motorola is listening, is the 3300 mAh battery that was also found in the Droid RAZR Maxx. Ever since they introduced it in the Maxx, people were not only very excited to see it, but also annoyed that it didn't arrive earlier in the original RAZR smartphone.

The last one is the 10 MP camera, which seems a little strange. I'm sure it's higher quality, but I believe people will start expecting 12 MP cameras soon in high-end phones, and this might hurt them a little in marketing. In the end, the overall quality of the picture matters a lot more than the number of megapixels, so let's hope it delivers.


This phone doesn't really feel like a Google phone yet, although I would expect it to come with Android 4.0. But it will be a while before Google's influence on the product line is starting to show.