Featured: Unlimited only means no limits if you're not talking about AT&T Unlimited data plans


In it's best effort to catch up to Verizon on the suckage chart, AT&T has put some rules in place that finally confirms that their "unlimited" data plan claims are bullshit.

AT&T, like Verizon, stopped selling unlimited data plans last year. Every new subscriber, or any that make certain changes to their plan are placed in a tiered data plan instead. Now, it's true that 3GB of data in a month is more than most people would use. Most people. Not me.


For people like me that have a grandfathered unlimited data plan, AT&T has announced that the word unlimited doesn't actually mean no limits. AT&T is going to begin throttling users on their 3G network after 3GB of monthly usage and 4G subscribers after 5GB of monthly usage.

I'm not sure where all of the vulture lawyers are on this one, but AT&T has certainly crossed over the truth in advertising line with their latest decision. At one time, there were laws in the USA that made it illegal for anyone to describe their product or service in a way that is not truthful. I'm not sure when it happened, but those laws must not apply to wireless carriers.

There was the guy named Matt Spaccarelli out in California that sued AT&T over throttling and won. In fact, it was this lawsuit that prompted AT&T to issue this clarification of the limits that they place on unlimited data subscribers, but that doesn't explain the fact that not one of these class action law firms haven't swooped in to fleece millions in legal fees from AT&T.


At this point, AT&T unlimited data plan subscribers are going to be throttled for going over 3GB of usage, or 5GB for 4G users. If you are one of the unlucky Verizon customers that they decide to throttle for "excessive" usage, VZW hammers your speeds for the current billing period as well as the next month. Now that's how you do dick right AT&T.

Source & Image: TechCrunch

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