Featured: LG Cayman and Droid Fighter Release Dates Revealed

That more devices were going to be launched by Verizon isn't exactly a surprise, but now we know exactly when the rumored LG Cayman and the Droid Fighter will be launched on the Verizon network: March 29th and April 12th, respectively. The LG Cayman seems to be a device formerly known as LG Lucid 4G, while the Droid Fighter continues to be remain a mystery.

Droid devices has historically been Motorola devices, with a few exceptions like the Incredible and Incredible 2 which were HTC devices, and also with the Droid Charge (Samsung) probably because Verizon wanted Droid to be a "Verizon brand", and not just a "Motorola brand", even though most people started treating it like that.

In the list we can also see the HTC Fireball, also known as the HTC Incredible 4G. I'm hoping they go with the Fireball name eventually, because the Incredible 4G name would be very confusing (what was the Thunderbolt then?), but the Fireball doesn't sound particularly better either, because it sounds like HTC is throwing random names out there, instead of building long term phone brands, that continue over the years.

We don't know if any of these will be high-end devices, though, and they might be only mid-end devices, although all of them will probably be LTE capable, hopefully with the new more efficient 28nm LTE chips.


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