Featured: Huawei making the new T-Mobile myTouch devices?


I've been doing it wrong for a long time. I've always pronounced Huawei as "Hue-way", but in reading this article at Pocket Now, I see that it's actually pronounced as "Wah-way". I'll make a note of it.

In my mind, Huawei made a really big splash at Mobile World Congress this year, but if this rumor pans out it's pretty clear evidence that they're not quite ready to stand on the strength of their own branded devices.


myTouch has been the name of the T-Mobile house devices since 2009. Most of these T-Mobile branded devices have been manufactured by HTC, until LG released the myTouch by LG, the myTouch Q and the myTouch 4G slide last year.

I saw a lot to like about what Huawei unveiled at MWC this year, but looking at the only image that I could find of these rumored T-Mobile devices leaves a lot to be desired. They appear to be running Gingerbread, and I never grew to love the slider on my original Droid so I'm doubtful that I could learn to love this one.

If Pocket Now's sources are good, you'll be able to get your hands on these phones some time in late May.


Source & Image: Pocket Now

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