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My Clinic from Game Insight

My Clinic is another in the city builder genre from Game Insight. As with all of the Game Insight titles, My Clinic has its own unique twist: instead of building a city full of commerce, you build clinics to cure ailments. It's a concept that's simple enough, you're given the reins of a small clinic with few tools and no staff. From there you build out your medical empire by transforming your ratty little clinic into a state of the art hospital.

Don't get the wrong idea from all of the busty cartoon girlies in the screenshots, My Clinic isn't that kind of game. It's a serious gaming challenge, just like all of the other Game Insight titles.


How it works
If you've played any of the other Game Insight city builder games, this one will seem familiar. If this is your first Game Insight title, the first few actions in the game are scripted to give you an introduction to the game and give you an idea of how it's played.

For openers, your little clinic doesn't even have a chair in the waiting room for your patients to sit in. The tutorial will walk you through adding your first hospital beds, hiring your first few staff members and treating your first few patients. You're also given rewards for completing a few challenges along the way.


The theme is different, but the idea is exactly the same: build the biggest and the best hospital that you can and get virtually rich while you do it.


I only had a few days to play this game, and in that time I wasn't able to progress as far as I did in other Game Insight titles. That's not a bad thing, but the plot of this game definitely develops at a much slower pace than I am accustomed to with Game Insight titles.


I started the game over on my tablet because I kind of blew through the tutorials on my phone. They seemed so easy and trivial, but they are actually perfect for the speed that this game plays at. Once I came to the realization that My Clinic not only had a unique theme, but also its own unique pace I really began to enjoy playing the game.

Though I didn't have an issue with the speed of gameplay, it does take a bit to get used to. I'm glad that I hung in there long enough to adjust to the speed of My Clinic because I've had a lot of fun playing it.


  • Don't be too quick to buy those early $5,000 typewriters or $4,000 tables. In one game I bought them, in another I didn't. I didn't see much advantage to some of the upgrades.
  • Speeding up treatments and buying medications and alternative treatments from the store are quite expensive.
  • Dollars pile up fast but coins can be harder to come by. A lot of upgrades require gold coins and all quick finish options require coins. Choose wisely.
  • Pay attention to the patient list icon on the left of the screen. I got a few reminders that I had patients waiting for one of my 6 beds. I didn't see a penalty for making them wait, other than it can affect your reputation and goodwill later in the game.


  • Speed (3/5) – This game plays slower than other Game Insight titles.
  • Features (4/5) – There are fewer things to keep track of in this game, but the detail in each task or patient treatment is very through.
  • Theme (4/5) –  I missed dealing with the big picture. Big Business is a very intensive game, this one is more laid back and casual and requires less attention.
  • Overall (4/5) – Yet another very enjoyable, easy to play city builder from Game Insight.


  • Interesting twist on the city builder genre.
  • Game is detailed and the graphics are very well done.
  • Challenges actually pay a lot of money. You'll be needing it.
  • I like the pace of the game. It's easy to play and if you're multi-tasking the game is perfect. I've played it a lot while feeding my new little one her bottle and the timing just seemed to work.


  • The game plays slowly.
  • Early upgrades are very expensive.
  • Speeding up treatments or additions is pricey, but not speeding them up slows the game down considerably.
  • My Thunderbolt (Liquid Smooth 3.2) restarted twice while playing, but my Iconia tablet (ICS leak) had no issues at all.

I really started to like this game the second night that I had it. My daughter decided to pull an allnighter and it was my shift. We alternated between jabbering, and her infatuation with the ceiling fan in the living room. This game really fit into that ceiling fan routine quite nicely.

As I've found with other Game Insight city builder titles, this game played really well on my 7" Iconia tablet. The increased screen real estate has a noticeable impact on your game play, but my phone game was really enjoyable as well.I didn't get to the point where I needed to buy credits to continue my game play, but Game Insight virtual currency is reasonable and easy to buy in app. If you manage your expenses by updating judiciously you'll get a lot of enjoyment from the credits that you earn.

I'd recommend this game for its speed of play alone, but that's not its only selling point. Its interesting and easy to play. Whether city builders are your preferred style of game or you're new to the genre altogether, My Clinic is a great game to add to your lineup.

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