Featured: Samsung to Show a Bezel-Free Smartphone at MWC

Maybe some of you remember how before the iPhone 4S came out, there was a lot of speculation on what it would look like. Some of the best mock-ups included a bezel-free iPhone, and a lot of people thought how great that would be. Well regardless of Apple's intentions, if they want to make a phone like that or not, it appears that Samsung will be the first one to do it.

I personally thought of something like this for years now, having some kind of personal computer in the palm of your hand that is nothing but glass, and just shows you information on it. Well, we may be a few years off until that future, but Samsung seems to want to start working on it right now. And this rumored phone, that will mostly show you only the display in front, which is also possible now thanks to the lack of physical buttons with Android 4.0, will be the first step in that direction.

When you leave everything to the screen, and remove all the "noise" outside the phone, everything becomes a lot more elegant, and you can do a lot more with the virtual elements on the screen. The iPhone showed us that when it started the revolution against phones with a lot of buttons, and now Samsung is moving it for the kill, making phones that are just a glass window into the digital world.

For now this device is still just a rumor, but it's very likely to appear at MWC, and blow us away. If it does, you can bet the Galaxy S 3 will be made the same way, too.

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