Featured: [MWC] ZTE wants in on the Android party, announces the Era and Mimosa X


Look at that image. Doesn't that bear a striking resemblance to the Galaxy S design? Well, its not. That's the previously announced Mimosa X from Chinese electronics manufacturer ZTE, and it's coming soon.

ZTE has been making noise about a big splash in the Android world, and today at Mobile World Congress was splashdown day. By my count, they announced a total of eight phones and two new tablets, and most of them are really impressive devices.


The Mimosa X is a very solid mid-range device that matches up extremely well with the newly announced HTC One S, and while it might be a little short on design it should be an impressive new entry.

The Mimosa X will be powered by a Tegra 2 dual core chip running at 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM. It'll have 8GB of storage and 4.3" qHD display. Oh, it will also be running Android 4 ICS out of the box, some time in Q2.


The Era was the real star of the ZTE show though, and it's so close to being a real competitor to the HTC One X. It'll have that magical Tegra 3 quad core chip and a 4.3" qHD display with Ice Cream Sandwich on release day. It pulls up short of the One X though by only including 8GB of storage.

Both phones will make use of the NVIDIA Icera 450 HSPA+ modem, which is said to provide higher throughput with a reduced cost, smaller physical size and reduced power consumption.


Unfortunately, ZTE also announced yet another custom Android overlay, this one called Mifavor. Whatever the hell that means. I've not seen any videos of the "feature" in action, but from the images that I've seen it doesn't appear to be too heavy. More info about Mifavor will be available once the hands on details come out.

If you follow the source link, there's also this bit about a couple of quad core ICS tablets.

ZTE has a bit of a hill to climb when it comes to building a reputation for quality, innovative designs. Seeing what they've announced today, it seems like they're off to a very good start.


Source: intomobile | Image: Pocket-Lint

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