Featured: [MWC] LG to make the next Nexus device?

February 26, 2012 - Written By Randy Arrowood

If this story from C|net comes to pass, the next Nexus device may well be from LG. Aside from the perceived prestige of being the flagship Android device manufacturer, the lucky partner of the next Nexus maker will get their mitts on Android 5 first.

I’m not sure that I believe that Google is involved in heavy Nexus petting with LG, but I know I don’t want to believe that this could actually happen. LG is convinced that their in the race though, having this to say in an interview with C|net:

“We’re heavily in discussions,” Ramchan Woo, head of LG’s smartphone division, told CNET in an interview. “We’re working on it.”

Personally, I’d place LG in the #4 position of all the Android OEM’s, well behind Samsung, HTC and Google Motorola. LG makes OK devices, but I’ve just never found much of a reason to get excited about anything that they’ve offered.

Hopefully Google knows something that we don’t, but I would have rather seen the followup to the Razr Maxx or something from Sony get a crack at the top spot. LG hasn’t exactly done anything wrong in my mind, but Sony and Moto have released some really compelling devices of late, and I’d prefer to see Google play the hot hand.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll all know the answer later this year.

Source & Image: C|net