Featured: Huawei Becomes a Worthy Competitor with a Quad Core Smartphone at MWC

I've been expecting for the "year of LG" or the "year of Sony", but clearly 2011 wasn't theirs, and while they are closing the gap, it still doesn't look like both of them will be very worthy of being considered a top manufacturer that can compete with Samsung, HTC and Motorola. But surprisingly, Huawei may be able to claim that title this year.

Huawei has been learning fast lately and their phones have quickly become higher and higher quality. Their showing at MWC is no different, managing to impress and compete head-on with the best of the best Android manufacturers. The Ascend D dual core and quad core phones will be able to compete with HTC and Samsung phones on specs extremely well, while most likely being cheaper, because Huawei can afford a lower profit, especially now that they are pushing aggressively to enter this market.

The specs for these phones include: 4.5-inch 720p HD display (330 ppi), 1GB of RAM, 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, 1800mAh battery and a 8.9mm thick body. They both have the same specs with the only difference being the dual core and quad processors. And speaking of processors, it appears that Huawei is manufacturing their own, called the K3, just like Samsung has the Exynos. That should lower costs for them even further. They will all come with Android 4.0

The Ascend D quad XL is another version of the Ascend D quad which features a larger 2500 mAh battery. As I've been saying in other articles, I think larger batteries are absolutely necessary on all smartphones and I'm glad Huawei is one of the very first (after Motorola) to realize this. Unfortunately, HTC still seems to be one of the manufacturers with the smallest batteries among competitors, but hopefully, they'll quickly notice the trend and change course.

I expect big things from Huawei in 2012, a lot more positive news in the media and a larger amount of press coverage. This should help address their brand problem, that of being considered a company that makes cheap and low-quality products.

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