Featured: HTC and LG in Talks with Google to Make the Next Nexus Phone

We've heard a rumor about LG really wanting to make the next-gen Nexus device, and now we hear that HTC wants to make it once again, just like they made the very first Nexus device, the Nexus One. Who should Google trust with this? And who is more worthy of the next Nexus phone?

I think in general Google would like all manufacturers to take turns making the Nexus phone, and it would be about time to be LG's turn or even Sony's turn. But Google also wants a manufacturer that will make the device of the highest quality, so they don't disappoint the tech crowd who would like most a Nexus device.

So is LG ready to make it this time? Last year we saw LG with the first ever dual core smartphone, and I thought they were finally get it, because they've always released just phones that are weaker and cheaper versions of Samsung's devices. So things did change a bit for them. Also this year, their IPS panels are of the highest quality, and in many cases even rival the Super AMOLED display from Samsung. So that's certainly a plus, too.

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure they are yet ready for the Nexus device. Part of this reasoning comes from the fact that LG still messes up the software sometimes, and they're not even that great with updates. Also, I think their phone designs are still lacking, and could be much better. I don't even think Samsung's designs are as good as they can be, but LG's are even worse.

HTC on the other hand, at least uses metal for most of their phones, and that makes them look a lot better and feel a lot better in hand, too. HTC also cares about how good the software works on the phone, and about updates as well, although Google will probably worry about that since it's a Nexus phone.

Whether it will be LG or Nexus building it, I'm sure it will have some of the best specs on the market this time, and I'm sure Google will try to make it as high quality as possible. I'm only hoping that it will be either a dual core Cortex A15 chip in it, like the Exynos 5250 or OMAP 5, or at least a dual core 2.5 Ghz Krait chip with the new Adreno 320 GPU.

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