Featured: Galaxy Note 10.1 to Arrive Soon?

Samsung has shown its willingness to experiment in the tablet market, which is great for us consumers, with a variety of Android devices from the 5.3" Galaxy Note, which blurs the line between tablet and phone, to 7", 7.7", 8.9", 10.1" and an even bigger rumored tablet. Personally, I've been wanting a 11.6" "tablet" for a while now, but in the form of a device like Transformer Prime. Obviously that wouldn't be for people who would use the tablet part 80% of the time, but more for people who use the whole "laptop-form" package most of the time, and the tablet only sometimes.

As we see from the image above, though, Samsung is getting ready to release a 10.1" Galaxy Note tablet, for those who are more interested in drawing, I would assume. However if they are doing that, I hope the pen will be much better this time. it was alright for the Galaxy Note, but mostly just for casual doodling. For serious artists, it needs to be 10 times as good, and offer everything from pressure sensitivity to having many options that make an artist's job easier. It needs to be hands down a better device for drawing than an iPad. Otherwise, what's the point?

I worry that going into 2012, Samsung will start using HTC and Motorola's failed strategy of 2012, of releasing way too many models into the market just for the sake of releasing them. The Galaxy Tab 2.0 is a hint to that, because  it barely offers anything competitive, and yet the price should be almost as much as a high-end tablet today, if not even more.

For example, an Asus Memo will have a Tegra 3 processor and a 1280x800 resolution display, and yet it will be only $250. The Galaxy Tab 2.0 will be at least $350, if not $400, in US, and at most it offers the Super AMOLED vs the Super IPS display of Asus, but that's hardly worth $150, especially when it has a lower resolution. I'm surprised Samsung would even release a Super AMOLED display on tablets that is lower than 1280x800 at this point, when they could even put it inside a phone.

Either way, they need to be careful about flooding the market, or they will follow HTC's and Motorola's decline in 2011.

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