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Chrome for PC has been growing like crazy over the past 3 years, and it still remains the best browser right now for PC. But even though the success of Chrome has been phenomenal, we still didn't get Chrome for Android, and many people have been waiting for it for a long time. Some even thought we would get it with the arrival of Froyo, back in mid-2010. But we only got the V8 engine then as the only part from Chrome.

But after years of waiting, we're finally getting Chrome (beta) for Android. Chrome isn't only very fast at rendering pages, but it also employs the same sandboxing security technology that we can find on Chrome for PC. This makes Chrome the most secure browser on Android by far, because it would be almost impossible to attack the phone now through the browser itself.

UI wise, Chrome also seems to be the most intuitive browser on any mobile device right now. The websites are organized as a stack of cards, and it's very easy to flip between them and get to the tab you're looking for. You can also swipe either to the left or the right of the screen to get to the neighboring tab/web page. You can close tabs by simply swiping them off the stack. It really makes for some great visuals and it's very intuitive.

Chrome also allows for automatic syncing between your Chrome browser on the PC and the one on Android. It even opens up all your tabs on Android. You can do this by signing with your Gmail account into Chrome for Android.

Some may complain that it doesn't support Flash, but there really isn't any point for that, considering even Adobe is giving up on Flash for mobile, and they've said Android 4.0 is the last version they are supporting. So why would Google support Flash in Chrome for Android 4.0, only to give up on it in Android 5.0? It doesn't make any sense and it would've wasted Google's time. I wish Google was never such a strong supporter of Flash and go went with pushing HTML5 faster instead as their mobile strategy for viewing content, but refusing to support it now is the next best thing.

Chrome is only going to work for Android 4.0+ device. It's unfortunate that many devices will not be supported, but I think this is the best decision. Android was reborn with the 4.0 version, because it brought so many changes and many more API's for apps, and it's better to just focus on making Chrome as good as possible starting with Android 4.0, instead of being bound by legacy software and design of the previous Android versions.

You can get it from the Market, or if that's not working for you try this apk from XDA. Remember you need an Android 4.0 device for it to work.

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