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Big Business might be a city builder game, but it's like no city builder that you have ever played. Big Business sets itself apart by incorporating infrastructure and commerce to make your city much more engaging and realistic.


From the start of the of the tutorial phase it becomes pretty clear that you won't be spending much time sitting back watching your city work, you have to make it work. You grow crops like cane, flax and berries on your farms. You buy trucks to get your crops from your farms to your confectionery or paper mill and finished products from your plants to your warehouses where you turn your finished goods into cash.

You'll build houses to increase your population and provide the workforce that you need to increase your industrial and farming capacity. You'll build coffee shops, parks and other recreation areas to improve the quality of life for the citizens of your city and you'll build up your ecology as a sort of carbon offset to the factories and plants that you need to build to make money.

In short, it's a very realistic set of requirements for any city, real or make-believe.


How it works
Your new city begins with just the basics. You'll start with enough power for your house, warehouse, confectionery, farm, garage and administration building. From there, you use your initial pile of cash to build your empire.

You're given a few beginning tasks to get you started and enough funds to buy, build and upgrade your city. Your expansion choices include:

  • Housing
  • Farms
  • Confectionery
  • Mills and plants
  • Stores and attractions
  • Parks, picnic areas and green spaces

Your first concerns are to get your farming and industrial assets up and producing, then you must quickly move to improving your housing and quality of life for your population. As you improve the quality of life for your population, more people magically move in to your city, providing the human capital that you need for growth. Once your population increases and your experience level rises you can then begin to expand your city and grow your empire.

Each stage of the game requires that you manage the total growth of your city before you can expand further. Your housing, transportation, entertainment, industrial, farming and ecology assets have to grow and improve together to support your population, industry and community.


I've played a number of city builder games over the years and none brought this level of game play to their offerings. I've had a lot of fun watching my city grow. I've added farms, trucks, bakeries and paper mills to my young city and my population has exploded. My territory has expanded and I've created my own little version of urban sprawl.

This game wasn't made for my 7" Acer Iconia A100 Honeycomb tablet, but it plays incredibly well on it. The larger screen size has increased my enjoyment of the game. I've found it very easy to engage again with the game after I've put it down to do other things.

The experience with this game has been nothing but a positive and I'll be keeping it.



  • Speed (5/5) – Everything that you do happens pretty much in real-time.
  • Features (5/5) – Turning roads into a vital feature is brilliant.
  • Theme (5/5) – Everything is very well done.
  • Overall (5/5) – Solid even on my 7" Honeycomb tablet. Looks great, plays great.


  • Freemium game. You can buy credits, but I have played this game for hours and hours and haven't run out of funds yet.
  • Roads are free and vital to game play. Without transportation you are out of business.
  • Very in-depth game play. Build the farm, grow the crops, produce and sell the goods.
  • Wide variety of farming, industrial and residential properties can be built.


  • Very easy to overspend on ecology and entertainment options with little or no payback. Tough to recover financially if you go to far.
  • Fire and ambulance helicopter appear out of nowhere when you call for them. I'd like the option to build these facilities in my city.
  • In the beginning your population growth is much slower than needed for progress. It's easy to overspend on houses and entertainment to build your population and it is tough to recover from the mistake.

Big Business is an engrossing city builder experience. As only a casual gamer it is very common for me to install a game, grow bored with it very quickly and uninstall it. That won't be happening here.

Including all of the transportation and commerce requirements in Big Business is absolutely what sets this game apart from every other city builder that I have tried. You actually get the feel for what managing a community is like.

Expansion, construction, maintenance, transportation and agriculture responsibilities added to trying to juggle the happiness and entertainment of your population is an engaging experience. Even if you are only a casual gamer like I tend to be you owe it to yourself to try download this game and give it a try.


The game is free and has more than enough included credits to begin building your Big Business. Download it and try it. It's a keeper.



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