Featured: 850,000 Android activations a day still falls short


There's a nice post at the Google Mobile blog today about the truly amazing rise in daily Android activations. These are the types of numbers that any honest, self-respecting hater would have to admit are impressive: 850,000 new Android activations a day. Total worldwide activations now stand at 300 million and these numbers represent a 250% year-over-year increase.

Andy Rubin has stated that each device ID is counted one time in the official activation stats. A device reset or sale on the used market is not counted as a new activation, so the numbers are real. And really impressive.


While each device activation is only counted once in its lifetime, there is a caveat in these numbers: only devices that are activated with Google services are added to the total. Why does that matter? Not a single Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire are counted in these activation totals either.

Neither Barnes & Noble nor Amazon release numbers for the Android powered 7" tablets, but the Kindle Fire is still the best selling tablet at bestbuy.com, months after release. People have been speculating about when Android would reach the 1 million activations per day mark, but if you added the Android based nook and Fire to the totals, the 1 million per day ship seems like its probably already sailed.

Another huge stat? At Mobile World Congress 2011 there were a total of 150,000 apps available in the Android Market. Today, that number stands at 450,000 apps available. I've made the point a number of times in the past that app quantity has no relation to app quality, but the stat is still impressive.


The celebration does fall a little flat though. The 300 million total device activation total does include Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich powered tablets. What's that number? An unimpressive 12 million. Total.

In well over a year Android tablet sales have failed to match the number of tablets that this other company pimps in a quarter. As important as the tablet is to the future of computing in general, that is a disturbing failure. Not to fear though, Rubin says that Google is going to "double down" on tablets. Hopefully that will actually make a difference.

Source: Google Mobile Blog | The Verge – Image: Google

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