Game-Insight's Latest Game for Android 'Big Business' Coming Soon!


From the makers of some of the most popular games on the Android Market such as MyCountry, Paradise Island and Rock The Vegas and more,  Game-Insight is getting ready to release their highly anticipated new game called Big Business.If it is anything like their past releases it is sure to go to the top of the charts on the Android Market.Stay tuned to as we will carry all the details on their latest release and have a full review of the game very soon.


More about the Game

Big Business is a high-stakes business sim!

Dreaming of becoming a billionaire? Build your own business empire from the ground up! Build a city of your dreams and rake in millions right now! Learn all the secrets of successful business management.


Build factories, manufacture products, expand your city and entertain its citizens. Make your business the most successful and prosperous!

The big boss's chair is waiting for you!




– Build your business empire, guiding its fiscal perfomance

– Purchase factories and manufacture products


– Control the production chain at each stage

– Expand your holdings

– Reach exciting goals


– Extinguish fires, and ensure the comfort and safety of your residents

– Build a metropolis and develop its infrastructure

– Manage your people


– Earn your first million




– Fast-paced business environment

– Colorful graphics and amusing animations

– Tips on business development

– Huge selection of picturesque buildings

– Immersive sound effects

– Employees work on their tasks, even while you rest

– Free to play

– No advertisements