Featured: LG X3 Races HTC Supreme for First Quad Core Smartphone

Remember the Optimus 2X? It was the first phone in the world to come up with a dual core chip, the Tegra 2. It brought LG some big praises for that alone, but unfortunately late we found out LG cut some corners in software development and bug testing to release it to the public. Now, LG is preparing to win the first quad core phone in the world award, too, and release theirs before HTC gets a chance to release their own quad core. But the question is - will it be fully ready this time? Or will it be plagued with bugs and performance issues?

While first quad core to market will bring the LG X3 some important free publicity, it would've been even better if it came with Android 4.0 as well. At this point Gingerbread is over a year old, and even though people are excited about new hardware such as the quad core Tegra 3, a 720p display, 8 MP camera, 1.3 MP front camera, 16 GB of storage and a NFC chip, they would be even more excited about taking advantage of the new software and UI of Android 4.0.

The phone also comes with physical buttons, which makes the phone look even longer thanks to its 16:9 resolution as well. This is a hint that it won't have Android 4.0 from the start, although it could just use physical buttons instead of virtual ones. But I doubt LG will be ready with an Android 4.0 port in time.

To people considering this phone, I would wait until at least there is a serious review on it before getting burned again like with the Optimus 2X. This time LG has to prove themselves first, before a lot of people will trust them again. And they also need to promise for how long they will offer updates, because they almost said they wouldn't provide Android 4.0 to the Optimus 2x last year.

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