Sponsored App Review: Mysms the Best SMS Android Application

mysms brings a lot of versatility to your carrier SMS/MMS service. Imagine the convenience of being able to use your carrier SMS account to send and receive messages, view your message archive and have everything synced across all of your devices. This is exactly the solution that mysms offers you. They provide apps for your Android phone or tablet, Windows or Mac desktop and a web app that can be used in any browser. Your messages are synced to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

How it works:
You begin using the service by downloading the app to your phone. Once installed, you create a login and the app takes care of the rest. Your contacts and messages are synced to the mysms server. From there, you can sign in using the browser on your computer, download the Mac or Windows app or download the app to your Android tablet. The interface and features are consistent across all apps.

One great feature of mysms is that you can send any file type in an SMS message, not just images. If your recipient is a mysms user, the file will be attached to the message. If your recipient isn't a mysms user, they get a link in the message to download the file.

Almost all of my SMS traffic flows through Google Voice, but mysms will replace my carrier messaging app. I love the convenience of being able to use my SMS account without having to use my phone, and mysms brings this convenience to my Verizon cell phone number.

I installed the Mac desktop app, but in my testing I used the web app in Chrome. The interface in the web app is exactly the same as the Mac app, and the features are clean and simple. Read a message, compose a message, delete a message.

I liked having the ability to view images in my messages using Chrome and saving the images that I wanted locally on my computer. It was a much easier method than saving the image out of the message on my phone and accessing from there.

Ratings :
            Speed (4/5) - Desktop notifications are a bit delayed.
            Features (5/5) - SMS/MMS from your phone, computer or tablet. Enough said.
            Theme (4/5) - Would like to change the conversation layout and color scheme.
            Overall (4/5) - Solid app, great features.


  • Cross platform. Phone, tablet, browser and desktop.
  • SMS/MMS from anywhere that you have Internet access.
  • Online backup of all SMS/MMS messages.
  • Google Voice like access across devices without having to change your phone number.
  • No charge if you send message through your carrier account or to other mysms users. About $.10 to others.
  • Send any file type that you like as an MMS. No size limits are listed.


  • Privacy policy buried in Terms & Conditions, though they are working on a standalone version.
  • The app uploads all of your contacts and messages without giving you any indication that it is happening.
  • No conversation list customization or skins available.
  • Ads in your message list are a possibility as noted in the Terms & Conditions.

mysms is a solid app that just works. Messages that I received on my phone were displayed in my web browser and messages sent from the browser were delivered without delay. Being able to access my SMS messages from my Honeycomb tablet was a really nice bonus.If you're looking for Google Voice type access to your carrier SMS service, mysms is the way to go. I recommend it.Visit the Android Market to download mysms now.


 mysms website

Phone Version
Tablet Version






Screen Shots: (provided by developer)

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