REVIEW: N4000 Vehicle Mount Charger


First Thoughts

I just had sold my Droid 1, I still had it's vehicle mount that I had reviewed from this same company ( They offered me this new mount as a review. I was interested to see if it could compare.

The Looks

I was a bit surprised, I thought this would also be a window mount, much like my last. However, this one plugs into the cigarette lighter or.. power port as it is often called in newer vehicles (back in my day….).


The Hardware

A holster connects to the power supply and sits pleasantly in your car, you can tighten or loosen it to turn as much as needed. The power plug has a cord coming from it that allows you to charge your phone. There is also a second plug, it will charge any other device, maybe even another phone… how about a tablet?



  • It is secure for ANY phone, it is resizable to fit phones from a blackberry to a droid bionic and even more!
  • Two charging ports
  • Easy to access in a car.


  • Sometimes it got in the way.
  • I liked the window mount, not a huge fan of how this one was set up

Conclusions & Final Thoughts


Overall I was pleased with this device. It allowed me to keep any phone safe while driving, I could see everything going on and even text by voice or call by voice if I wanted to. I usually used a bluetooth device, but it was cool because I could adjust and change things. It was also very nice for navigation. It was in the exact right place and projected the sound nicely from where it was.

You can order it here! 

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