Featured: Galaxy S3 to Be Revealed at MWC in February Together with New 3D Phones

Galaxy S3 mock-up

Samsung is apparently going to announce its next most successful phone model, the Galaxy S3 at MWC in February next year. This will most likely be just a showcase and some ads with the phone, and they will probably launch it sometime in March or April. They usually tend to announce their products about 2 months before they are on the market.

So what can we expect from this phone? I believe they will use a quad core Cortex A9 chip, probably clocked at 1.5 Ghz, or even 1.8 Ghz per core. It should be more powerful than Tegra 3 when it's launched. It should have a 1280×720 Super AMOLED Plus display (no Pentile), so the screen should be extra crisp. Expect a higher MP camera, too, probably of 12 or 13 MP, that takes higher quality pictures, and it does it with incredible speed, just like the Galaxy Nexus.

This means it will also have Android 4.0, but don't expect it to come as stock like on Galaxy Nexus. Instead it should have Touchwiz 5.0, which hopefully looks a lot more like ICS than Touchwiz 4.0, otherwise I feel some people will be disappointed with it. But until Google finally finishes the acquisition of Motorola, I doubt we'll have true choice for stock Android phones, if you discount the Nexus line, which only comes out once per year.


Samsung is also expected to come out with some "3D phones" next year, which means anything from 3D screens, to 3D photos and videos. Samsung was a little reluctant to try the 3D thing last year, and they said they will wait and see. It looks like they've made up their minds, and they are going to go along with the 3D marketing, too. I'm still not sure the 3D stuff is useful, but let's wait and see if Samsung made it any better.

Samsung is expecting to sell 150 million smartphones next year, which means that discounting the few million Bada phones, it means Samsung should have about 50% of the Android market share next year. Samsung is really growing fast thanks to Android, and there's no end in sight in the next few years. They just need to continue coming up with great quality products, that best everything on the market, and keep respecting the Android users – meaning they need to treat that update thing more seriously if they don't want to lose them in the future.