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Happy Snowflake from developer Candy Grill


Description: Happy Snowflake is the newest edition to the holiday themed apps in the Android market and it offers a free as well as a paid version so everyone can get in on the fun. It allows you to design your own paper snowflakes in an easy to navigate and visually appealing layout. You start with a piece of paper folded into a triangle and you are given free reign to make connecting points on witch it cuts the paper into the design of you choice. Once you feel you are done it opens the paper giving you a complete snowflake with your design copied throughout. The quality of the visuals are also a major plus making this a fun choice whether on your phone or a larger screened tablet.


How It Works: The features of this app are nice and simple allowing you to select cutting points in any design you can come up with when designing your paper snowflakes. You can be as intricate or simple as you wish and as you gain experience the snowflakes you design will continue to improve in quality as you grow to create a greater number of different objects. Once you finish your snowflake it gives you the option of having it sent via Facebook, Twitter, Email, & SMS text so you can share it with anyone you wish to. All of your creations are automatically saved to your gallery allowing you to track progress and share at a later time if you desire.

Opinion: At first it's a little confusing on how to make it into shapes and make a good snowflake, but once you actually play around with it you learn how to cut certain shapes to make into your desired objects. It's very addicting and if you're trying to kill time or have a few extra minutes this would be a great app for you to use. Everyone enjoys a little snow during winter and this is a perfect way to share your creativity and little love and joy with the world.


Pros: Simplicity is the name of the game for Happy Snowflake and Candy Grill has created an application that is easy to simply jump right in and start creating snowflakes until your heart is content. That combined with great visuals, and the ease at which you can share your unique snowflakes with friends and family make this a nice addition to your collection for the winter season.

Cons: The only really issue is that the app can lose its novelty after not too long.

Conclusion: Happy Snowflake is a nice addition to the Android Marketplace and is just in time to share some winter holiday themed fun with all your friends. It performs smoothly and is easy to jump into and start making your snowflake creations for all to see. With both a free and paid version it offers something for those who want to try it out, and those who want to really get into their winter sharing with more creation options to make truly unique snowflakes. Just like with real snowflakes no two are alike. So give the app a try and see what you are able to come up with before it's too late and checkout my creations in the album below. Hit the market link and start bringing more holiday smiles to all those you know and love.Go to the market link to download the app now and have some fun.


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