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We all know that there are many virtual keyboards on the Android Market, and that has been one of the benefits of Android over iOS since the very beginning. The Android stock keyboard hasn't been one of the best historically, and Android 4.0's keyboard will go a long way to fix that problem.


But what do you do if you have a phone with an older version of Android? Well, you start searching for a good keyboard replacement. And there are many of them, but not too many of them do what Adaptxt does – which is predicting the words you want to say next, without needing to write them and an enviable coverage of 40+ languages. But let's go a little deeper into what Adaptxt is all about.

Artificial & Linguistic Intelligence

Adaptxt's uncanny ability to accurately guess the words you are looking to write stem from two sources. First is its artificial intelligence engine that models general language use and understands what words make sense in different contexts. Second is its learning ability. Adaptxt gets better and better with use. It works silently in the background, learning your texting style and error patterns and offering you highly relevant and accurate suggestions. The suggestions also include error corrections, auto correction, word completions etc.


There are types of common mistakes that we make in our regular typing.


By far the most common error on virtual keyboards is mistyping a word. Once you do that it usually takes quite a few seconds to rectify it, and if you do it repeatedly with other words, too, the experience becomes frustrating and it wastes more of your time than it should. The Adaptxt virtual keyboard will quickly find your mistake and it will offer you several words options that you can use, with just a tap, to replace the mistyped word.


Extra characters

Sometimes you want to type really fast and you end up typing the same character twice. Just like with mistyping, Adaptxt quickly identifies that what you're writing is not a word, it will highlight it, and offer suggestions for the word you were trying to type. You tap on one of the words and it replaces your wrongly typed word.



Missing characters

When you're typing fast, you could also miss a few characters. Even if you miss them, Adaptxt doesn't, and will suggest you the proper word. Sometimes you may also not know a certain word's exact spelling, and Adaptxt is quick to offer you suggestions in that case, too, if you spell it wrong.




You can always choose the suggest words yourself with Adaptxt, but you also have the option of letting it auto-correct your mistakes with just a tap of the spacebar. You can set the aggressiveness of the auto-correct in the app's settings from low to medium and high. Auto-correct can be helpful when you really want to send your message quickly.



Multi-lingual suggestions

Android is popular globally, and there are a lot of people who don't speak English natively, and they'd like to use their own language instead. Adaptxt comes with support for more than 40 languages, way more than its competitors out there and it will allow you to choose as many languages as you want to suit multi-lingual users. When you type, you can seamlessly type in any of your preferred language on the fly without explicitly changing the keyboard language. It intelligently offers the suggestions relevant to the language you're typing in.



Special features

Adaptxt has several features that other virtual keyboards don't or aren't as good. Here's a list of them:

  • clutter free keyboard , so you do as least typing mistakes as possible and it's fast to find the letters on it
  • industry specific dictionary add-ons such as Business, Medical, Law, IT & Telecoms, and Finance
  • classic keyboard support for QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Cyrillic and Greek
  • word completion, where Adaptxt predicts the words you're trying to write
  • next word prediction to save even more of your time by helping you tap the words you want next, instead of writing them
  • support for hard keyboard devices as well


The Adaptxt keyboard is one of the best keyboards out there in terms of accuracy because of its clutter-free layout and its intelligent prediction and learning engine. If you're looking for a keyboard that can help you not only write accurate messages, but also write them fast, because of its prediction engine, the Adaptxt virtual keyboard is the way to go.

Adaptxt Beta is just out on Android Market. Grab your free download today along with the Language add-ons you desire. If you want to search and download faster than you would on Android Market, visit the Adaptxt download page directly.

You can learn more about the product features on the Adaptxt website or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

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