REVIEW: Motorola Photon, A 4G Phone


First Thoughts

This one was one of the first new wave phones. I remember seeing the press release on this and thinking, ok this is cool! Dual core and coming to Sprint. I was pleased with the idea behind this dual core device, basically the atrix on the sprint network.

The Looks

To be honest, I mentioned the atrix earlier and that is what it looks like. It has a very similar look over all. The corners aren't rounded like a lot of phones, they are quite prominent in not being rounded, but from my experience it seems rounded and feels that way, it feels and even kind of looks rounded but its not and that is nice.


The Hardware/Screen

You get a 1ghz Dual core, NVIDIA Tegra 2. The tegra chips is being praised quite a bit by many. I am a fan of it and it is proving to be quite nice. You get 1024 MB of RAM and it can support an additional 32 gigs of sd card memory. It is fast and gives the power needed.

The screen is 4.30 inches and is plenty big. It is again similar to the atrix and for that matter to the its similar to the bionic. It is bright and shows everything in good color.

The Battery


The battery is 1700 mAh and is powerful enough to fuel all my needs. It has a rated 10.00 hours of talk time and 199 of standby. I have not experienced that as I have not just talked for 10 hours straight. I get a good 6 – 8 hours depending on how busy facebook, twitter and google+ are that day. Also surroundings matter, if I am in a stone building and my connection is always searching, I get less and less battery life.

The Operating System/Software

You get 2.3.4 to start, it's nice. It comes with the new talk app. The video talk app! YAY! It is motoblur or whatever they call it now, it is still un named, but it is motoblur. It is like the droid x2 or droid 3 on terms of UI. I am not a huge fan of it, but it is defintely better and has been better over the last few months. 2.3.4 is very nice, it is fast.

The Browsing, Camera and Video

The browsing is fast on the Sprint 4G network, it is of course a motorola browser so if you have used it before, it is pretty nice. It is really not bad.


The camera is 8mp on the rear and front is 0.3.  The rear camera is clean and crisp and the front is also quite nice for video.

The video is 720 p on the rear, and VGA on the front.

The Call/Data Quality

Call quality as well as data is nice and works well. No dropped calls, a few data issues but not when I was in a good service area that was fully covered.




  • The screen is QHD (540 x 960 pixels)
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Dual Core 1ghz
  • Android 2.3


  • Sprint 4G is not as strong as it could be

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I like this device, it has a good feel and it is nice to have it in your pocket. Pulling out a device like this is feels good and is easy to use, I would strip motoblur from it of course. But over all this is a phone I like.


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