Complete Guide to Holiday Shopping on Your Android Phone


Complete Guide to Holiday Shopping on Your Phone

It's better to give than to receive. Whoever said that obviously never had to wait in line for two hours only to find out that the latest greatest gadget just sold out! The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, where families and friends exchange thoughtful gifts as expressions of gratitude and love. Unfortunately, the process of actually shopping for these gifts can be a fierce and agonizing battle fraught with long lines, competitive deal hunters, and scarce inventories. Luckily, Android owners have an ally in this battle. With the help of some practical and affordable apps, your Android cell phone can become the ultimate shopping buddy. Here's a few apps you should consider downloading this holiday season if you want to avoid buying everyone you know a goofy pair of socks as a last resort.

Gift List Manager Pro


Keeping track of multiple people's wish lists gets confusing fast. It isn't the kind of thing that should be left up to memory. Gift List Manager lets you consolidate your friends and families' wish lists into one convenient location. Organize your friends and families into categories depending on the occasion and determine an appropriate budget. For example, under "Christmas," you might allocate 500 dollars for your "immediate family". You can then apply specific gifts to specific people which you can then check off as you make progress. There is a free version of this app, but it's worth it to upgrade to pro for $1 for the ability to use a built in barcode scanner to add gifts to your list.

Milo Local Shopping

Now that you have everybody's gift figured out and stored, it's time to figure out where to actually get them. This can get tricky. An all too familiar scenario is figuring out the perfect gift only to find that it's completely sold out. You could try your luck with popular online retailers, but sometimes you need to see potential presents in person. Milo is an invaluable program that partners with local stores and national retailers to keep track of inventories, letting you know the closest location that your desired item is in stock. Milo also provides price comparisons between stores, which could potentially save you a bundle if a deal pops up. So even if you can't think of any good gift ideas, at least you can find the best deal on goofy socks.



Lemon is an extremely useful receipt storage app that will be a big time saver for the financially conscious holiday shopper. Whenever you buy a gift and receive a receipt, snap a picture of it. Lemon uses advanced text recognition technology that automatically detects the essential information and turns it into organizable, searchable data. The feature that will make this relatively new app a hit is that you can send electronic receipts straight to your Lemon account, rather than having them clog your personal email. Use this app to make sure you stay on budget through the holidays. It also might come in handy on the off chance you have to return some lackluster gifts.

Zombie Christmas


From the name, you might think that it's a silly game. And you'd be right. So what makes it an essential app for holiday shopping? Holiday shopping is stressful. If you don't find a way to blow off some steam you run the risk of having a nervous melt down in the middle of the check out line. Zombie Christmas lets you drop Christmas ornaments on nasty zombie elves that are trying to destroy your hard earned presents. It's silly, easy, and seasonally appropriate. You'll make everyone's lives easier if you take out your holiday frustrations on killer elves instead of your fellow shoppers.

US Holiday Calendar

Hopefully you don't have too much trouble remembering big year-end holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, but sometimes important dates throughout the rest of the year slip through the cracks. US Holiday Calendar syncs with your phone's internal calendar to remind you of important occasions and lets you set up countdown timers and alerts for ones you don't want to forget (Mother's Day) and ones that you've never even heard of – you'll never miss an Oyster Day again!

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