BREAKING: Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56

According to Bloomberg Steve Jobs has just passed away. There have been a lot of things not to like about Apple lately, especially when it has become so aggressive towards Android manufacturers in more and more ways other than simply competing in the market, but there's something no one can deny: Steve Jobs was a brilliant visionary, and he had a tremendous impact on the world of technology.

He was a perfectionist, always caring about even the smallest of the details, like a certain color in an app if the screws on a Macbook can be seen at all. This extreme attention to detail is what helped Apple make very high quality products through out the years under his helm. What also helped them make great product was his deep understanding of the regular customer and how they would use their products. This is why Apple has always tried to make their products not only beautiful (to attract customers) but also easy to use for most people.

But my favorite quality of Steve Jobs has always been his incredible vision, that is very hard to replicate in most CEO's. How many CEO's can say they made 3 industry changing products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) in just 10 years? And that's without even counting the original Apple computers. I would say not many at all. Most founders or CEO's only manage to create a paradigm-shifting product only once in the life of their company. And then simply ride that product through many iterations until the end of its life cycle.

Look at RIM's CEO's for example. They made an iconic product: the Blackberry. And that lasted them about 10-12 years or so with many iterations. But they seemed unable to understand the new paradigm shift in the industry. They didn't get it that the industry is switching to touchscreen phones, and now RIM is losing, big time. Steve Jobs has always seen changes like these, and usually way before anyone else.

Apple has influenced the Android manufacturers a lot over the past few years, if nothing else, it influenced them to make high quality devices. I really hope this will continue, and that more and more companies realize that consumers want high-quality products and that are easy to use, and that Android will continue to be increasingly more user friendly and polished.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

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