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There are plenty of weather apps out there, but most are too simple, or don't offer you too many options or too much functionality, and to most people it might not matter much if they just want to see the current weather at a glance, or just want the weather widget to look pretty on the homescreen, but if you're looking for in-depth weather information, the Elecont weather app might be just what you are looking for. Elecont has been making weather apps for a while, and they have weather apps for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. They've been on Android since version 1.6.


One of the very first things that I noticed about Elecont's weather app is that as soon as I entered the app and clicked the weather clock (sort of a clock, but with 24 hours), it already told me the weather for my location. I already had the GPS on, so that's explains how it found my location, which was very accurate, but it also happened so fast. I don't think I've seen that in any other app.

The Weather Clock

Speaking of the weather clock, when you click on it, it switches between 4 modes: Temperature, Precipatation, UV index, and Wind (KM/h). In each mode you get to see the relevant information for every hour of the day. The phone vibrates when it switches the modes, and you also get the title at the top, saying what mode you are in. Each time you click on an hour, you get to see the numbers, and also some visuals, like a sun, clouds, and so on.

The information is drawn from 2 professional sources, Intellicast and Foreca, so you can compare the accuracy of the weather information. You can also switch between these 2 sources by clicking on their small icons in the top-right corner, or simply by flicking the screen up or down (Note: Foreca doesn't offer the UV index).

The 10 Day Forecast

Next, if you switch to the right screen, you'll see Elecont's 10-day forecast, which is a graph that shows the next 10 days, and for each day you get to see the corresponding visual, the temperature, precipatation, UV index, and Wind information. Also, the corresponding visual appears large above the graph for every day you select.

Current conditions

If you flick the screen one more time to the right, you get to see the in-depth current weather conditions, like Temperature, Dew Point, Heat Index, Pressure, Sea level Pressure,  Humidity, Wind, Weather station, when it was measured, and the forecast provider. This is why Elecont is one of the most detailed weather apps around.

Other Functionality

If there's news out there about tough weather conditions, floods, storms and so on, you will get alerts on your phone. You can also check where there have been Earthquakes around the world. Basically, you won't need Twitter to tell you that if you're using this.

The notification feature is also very nice, and once you exit the app you'll see the temperature in the status bar, as well as more current conditions information if you pull down the notifications. The notification system for Elecont's weather app is also very customizable, so you get to choose whatever you want to see there.

You also get a Doppler Radar as a Menu item, so you get to see how the weather is "moving" across the country. It can be useful if you plan to travel and you don't want bad weather to ruin your little vacation.

It also comes with a barometer which i am sure a lot of users will find very useful, as pressure changes can cause headaches.Being able to check the pressure with this app is certainly a great feature and sure to be very popular.

Last, but not least, you get a ton of widgets that are very customizable and you can put across your home-screens to show pretty much anything you can think of from the weather app - any specific information.


  • Functionality (5/5) - hands down one of the most information packed weather apps, with forecasts for up to 10 days
  • Ease of use (4/5) - pretty easy to use once you get to use it for a while, although it can take a some time to figure out what everything means in the beginning
  • Widgets (5/5) - a lot to choose from, and customizable. Look great on the screen
  • Visuals (4/5) - they look rich (especially the sun) but, they could use a refresh and a bit more polish

Overall (4.5/5) - Great weather app overall, and if you use it and get used to it in a couple of days, you might find it hard to stop using it later.


  • Advanced functionality
  • A ton of widgets
  • Top-notch notification system
  • Doppler Radar
  • Barometer


  • UI could be a little more intuitive at first
  • Visuals could use a refresh


To wrap it up, the Elecont weather app is really advanced, and one of the most feature-packed weather apps out there, it has pretty nice visuals , a lot of widgets, and an addicting notification system, that you can heavily customize.

The app costs $2.99 on the Android Market, which I'd say it's well worth it, but if you want to try it out first before you decide buying it, you can check out Elecont's website for a 3-day free trial.



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