Ready for Some NFL Football? Madden NFL 2012 Now Available in the Android Market

September 5, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Madden NFL 2012 Can Now Be Yours Through the Android Marketplace

Today marked the release of the new 2012 Madden app for Android and the iPhone. Guys, $6.99 never brought you so much excitement. Gals, sorry you bought your beau that brand new 4G phone Samsung Exhibit only to see him stick his nose into faux football games for the next five months. For everyone else, rest assured that this is going to be one of the biggest selling apps of 2011 that costs more than 5 bucks.

Anyone unfamiliar with EA’s segue into the mobile app market are sure to be stunned when they download the new Madden mobile game. If you haven’t touched a Madden game since the arrival of the latest generation of consoles, then you might have a hard time telling the difference between the version on your Android phone and the one you played on your Playstation 2. The graphics are above and beyond most Android games and certainly worth the app’s price tag.

The problem is that, because of the sophistication of the game, it’s only going to run on state-of-the-art Android devices. This means unless you’ve recently netted yourself something that runs on Gingerbread or higher, you’ll probably be unable to play the game. Fortunately, the legitimate Android Marketplace does a good job preventing you from downloading apps that are not compatible with your model of phone.

Madden NFL 2012 for Android features all 32 teams and the 2500+ players therein. Players can choose from exhibition, full season, and 2010 playoff modes similar to previous incarnations of Madden. There simply isn’t a mobile football game app out there that comes as close in quality and entertainment. Anyone familiar with the Madden series knows it’s almost impossible to challenge the level of detail and realism EA attaches to their line of games.

I already mentioned the price, but I will again – $6.99! Compared to phone apps in general it’s expensive, but relative to the outstanding job EA did with this new mobile version of Madden it’s a bargain. If you’ve recently gotten your hands on a brand new Android phone then complete the experience by downloading the Madden game app from EA.