Featured: Will Apple Enlarge the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to Make It Look Like iPad, Too?

Remember when Apple tried to show misleading evidence to the German Court by making the Galaxy Tab 10.1 look more like the iPad, by making it almost the same dimensions, even though the iPad has a 4:3 display and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a 16:10 display? How about when Apple did the same to the Galaxy S to make it look more like the iPhone in the trial from Holland?

Well, Apple is once again up to no good, this time forcing Samsung, either by going to them directly or to making the German Court first, to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 stand from IFA, even though it clearly had a big label there saying the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is not for sale in Germany.

But what is surprising to me is that they could do this in the first place. I thought they were only considering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be "virtually identical" to the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 hasn't even been launched to market anywhere in the world, and as far as I know they haven't started a new trial against Samsung over this tablet, and yet they still manage to pull this off, if true. But even if they bring it to Court, how will they prove it's virtually identical and indistinguishable from their iPad, when it's *significantly" smaller than the iPad (you can basically grasp it with your palm from the sides)? Are they going to show the judges an enlarged 4:3 version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 as well? Because that seems to have worked pretty well for them in the past.

This is what's so ridiculous about Apple's claims. Even if the devices are clearly not the same, and someone could easily distinguish between them, Apple would still go after that company to provoke financial damages to it, or simply to scare them off from using Android, if it's a smaller company. As Samsung is growing more and more in the smartphone arena, and as they make higher and higher quality products, now being very close to matching or even exceeding Apple's own products, they seem to be getting more and more desperate to stop Samsung by any means necessary.

They've even claimed that since Andy Rubin worked for Apple about 2 decades ago, that means he got "inspired" to work on Android. I'm not even sure what that means, because it's such a ridiculous claim. Two decades ago, neither Andy Rubin, nor Steve Jobs were thinking about an OS for smartphones, because back then "smartphones" didn't even exist.

This kind of puts things into perspective, and it says a lot about the extent Apple is willing to go to legally block their competitors from the market, not matter how ridiculous it sounds to the rest of us. But, because of this Samsung has pulled all the demo Galaxy Tab 7.7 units, and they've also cleared everything related to it from IFA. Hopefully, they weren't planning on showing another tablet at IFA, because this probably means they won't be able to show it there anymore.


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