DroidCon 2011 Amsterdam Conference; Ticket Giveaway Contest


DroidCon 2011 Nov. 22nd & 23rd Amsterdam Ticket Contest

DroidCon 2011 is being held in Amsterdam this November, and the event is going to be a demonstration of the amazing community that has helped make Android the platform we have come to love. The team here at Android Headlines along with the DroidConNL Program Committee want to give our loyal readers the opportunity to win tickets to this special 2 day event.  DroidCon is sure to be an amazing experience as it will feature sessions with a number of the prominent community members behind many of the advancements we have come to take for granted on our Android devices.

Guest Speakers

Chances are if you've made it to this page you know very well the great work that the Cyanogen(mod) team has done bringing the most advanced custom ROMs to a large number of the Android handsets available today. The core Cyanogen Team is holding their very own session at DroidCon this year where they will discuss the work they have completed this far including Cyanogen mod7, along with the great advancements they have up their sleeves planned for future releases of what is without a doubt the #1 ROM across the Android globe.

How to Enter

AndroidHeadlines.com is excited to be able to give away 3 tickets to what is no doubt going to be an outstanding event that any Android fan would love to attend. Each of the winners get a free ticket to the 2 day event which are priced at $280USD along with special V.I.P. access, all you have to do is cover your accommodations in beautiful Amsterdam for Nov. 22/23.


To enter all you need to do is email us with a short explanation on why you should be chosen to attend DroidCon and experience the great Android community along with the members whose hard Work and expertise have driven the Android platform to the top. The contest ends on Sept. 25th so go ahead and tell us why you are the Android Super fan.  Email us at [email protected]


The Open Handset Alliance embodies the central idea that drives the Android platform; To be an open and free mobile operating system, one that is continually being developed to deliver the absolute best mobile experience for all. Dr. J¶rg Pleumann a founding member of the OHA is holding a session at DroidCon in which he will share his immense knowledge on engineering and developing for the Android platform. Attendees can look forward to being a part of a conversation with the alliance on the current state of Android, where that platform is headed and how it is going to get there.


The Dutch Google Technology User Group is another important group that will be holding a session at DroidCon this year. Google Technology User Groups are intended for those who are interested in Google development technology, which of course includes Android. The group is a major player in the development community and helps to organize developer groups both large and small. They also frequently put on events from Code Sprints to Hackathons for developers.The group is going to play a major role in the event this year and their session will include informative lectures, interactive discussions, and demos of what's possible for the future of Android development.

Google Android Developer Advocates Richard Hyndman and Nick Butcher are two Google employees who go around the world advocating both big Name and up and coming developers to adopt and create innovative applications for the Android platform. Their session at DroidCon is going to be infused with the passion they have for Android and inform attendees about the unlimited possibilities that the platform offers to all those who are willing to take advantage.