REVIEW: The Sonos Music System


First Thoughts

I heard about this and figured I would review it and not do much else. I was not ready to use it, I figured my house was too small to use and it would just be worthless to me as a user, I am semi newly married and I live in a two-story house, maybe it wasn't the best idea. But here we go…

The Looks


The system I got was pretty big, two speakers and a zone player! They look like basic speakers, but the only wiring they have are the cords that go to the wall, no wiring into a TV or the back of a stereo, I was honestly kind of confused

The Hardware

The Zone Player, connects to your router via a cable, you have many on your router so you are ok. It then transmits to the speakers, I received two, but I guess if you have the money you can get a few more. The two I got are a bit bigger and quite nice, they put out a LOT of power. If for some reason you don't have a smart phone you can buy a remote or just use your PC or MAC to control the music. The router receives music from your PC or MAC (So one or the other is needed) and then plays it, the phone acts as a remote, the remote of course IS a remote.

The Operating System/Software

The software for the MAC app is pretty awesome. I have only really used it for computer software. The Android app is really nice and you can control either speaker or both at the same time from either the MAC or Android app, the same can be said for PC and iPhone surely. The software can receives updates from Sonos if you register the product as well.




  • Ability To Have Wireless Music In Your House
  • Easy To Use Apps
  • Easy To Set Up Software & Hardware'
  • Loud Speakers
  • It Has Internet Radio For When Your PC Is Off


  • Quite Expensive

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I am quite a fan of these, when I can afford it I will be purchasing this or something like it. I am excited for it as it quite awesome, my wife and I used it often, at night to sleep with the new wave radio channel. We used it to clean while listening to music from my computer. It is quite useful, the other benefit was that I could listen to one song in my room and my wife could be in the living room and we could both listen to what we wanted. I recommend this if you have the money, it is too rich for my blood right now though



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