QUICK REVIEW: HTC EVO Monaco Extended Life Battery


First Thoughts

I have always wanted an extended life battery, something give my phone that UMPH of energy that it needs to rock on through out the entire day. I had never really wanted one on my droid 1, it had an ok battery til the end and when it finally needed one, they no longer made them at many retailers. I figured an upgrade to a new phone was imminent and never really got one, well now I have the evo and I remember our friends at WirelessGround.com saying they could get me one to review and maybe even give away, I have yet to decide.

The Looks


It makes me HTC Evo 4g quite a bit thicker, you notice. If you have skinny jeans this won't be easy to lug around! If your jeans already need a belt, better make it tight because they may fall down. It is a bigger battery that makes it heavier and bulkier all around. I guess it makes it all worth it in the end.

The Battery

We get a 3500 mah battery here. It is a little more than double the stock battery, in fact, it is 200 more mah. Sadly for me, this only made my phone last another 2 to 4 hours depending on use. Lately Google+ has been eating my battery life. Kind of strange, I guess for many this is the extra they need, pushes a 6 to 8 hour phone to be a 10 or 12 hour phone if used correctly, which is pretty awesome for a smart phone. I am sure some could even get more time out of it with lighter use. Those who make calls and text and listen to some music with that being it, could get tons of life!




  • Extended Battery life as promised
  • It gave me 2 – 4 hours extra which is good
  • It kept my phone going


Conclusions & Final Thoughts

Over all I was pleased with the boost of life I got out of my cell phone. It was at time, a nice bit of extra. It helped quite often, with both my batteries I made it a whole day and plus some! It was so awesome to be able to use my phone ALL day with out an issue. I plan to keep doing this here and there. I may even buy an extra regular battery to keep me going if I decide to give this away to our fans, is this something you want?







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