PowerMax App Review: Improving Your Android Phone's Battery Life


Can PowerMax Extend Battery Life as Promised?

Introduction: When I received my first Android like most I downloaded task managers and battery saving application to try and squeeze the most life out of my phone. Then as I joined forums and became a part of the Android community I was told to delete all of those apps and let Android handle those tasks for better results. Well after a ton of experience, from always carrying a charger to purchasing a bulky extended battery, it's time to give the battery saver apps one more try.

Description: PowerMax is an application designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. It can be used in emergency situations where your battery is getting low and you need to stretch out that extra bit of life, and for those long days where you know that charging your phone won't be an option. Of course you can leave it on all the time if more often then not your phone isn't lasting you through the day.

How It Works: The app is able to extend battery life by disabling various connections that continue to drain power even when not in use. There are 4 different levels of aggressiveness to choose from; Custom, Low, Standard, and MAX. Standard being the most functional as it disables all connections except for Bluetooth and your data connection.  MAX disables almost all connections including 3G/4G and GPS, only allowing you to make calls on the handset which is a feature missing from many battery extending apps.


It also functions beyond connections changing settings like screen brightness, dim level, screen timeout, animations, background data, and more.

PowerMax is the Real Deal in Conserving Battery Life!

Opinion: PowerMax is one of the few battery saving apps in the market that actually works as advertised. I noticed real battery improvements both in keeping it on throughout an entire day and by simply enabling it when I get my low power notification.

Before using PowerMax I would have to plug my phone in around 4 pm after unplugging it from a full charge since 7 am even with a 3200mAh extended battery on my Droid X. With the app set to standard the phone now lasts me overnight, but it will be on the brink of shutdown at that point.


When I first got the app I also had my girlfriend install it on her Xperia X10 to help as she is always asking for my charger, and also to see if our results were similar with different usage patterns. She is not as heavy a user as I am and does not have an extended battery. In her case while she did experience improvement while leaving the app in Standard mode it was during those low power situations when she set PowerMax to the MAX setting that she saw substantial improvement.

Ratings :

  • Ease of Use – (5/5) – The app is simple and straightforward for any level of user.
  • Interface – (4/5) – The Interface is clean and well laid out, however the different modes could be explained more thoroughly.
  • Power Savings (4/5) – Vary from user to user, but are real and noticeable in most all usage situations.

Overall: (4.5/5 ) – PowerMax works as advertised and delivers real world battery improvements with a simple yet functional interface.



  • Power Savings
  • Options for Aggressiveness of settings
  • History that gives percentage numbers of battery life improvements


  • Modes could be explained in more detail
  • Could use better widget support

Conclusion: PowerMax is worth the $1.99 purchase price because it delivers that extra bit of life to keep you connected when charging is not an option. The free trial gives full access so there is no reason not to give it a try for a few days and see how it works for you. PowerMax is the real deal and can be the difference between making that urgent phone call and being stuck with a phone that has no juice. So go ahead and click the market link below to start getting maximum life out of your battery. Let us know your results in the comment section.


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