MIUI’s music player for any ROM you like

August 17, 2011 - Written By

Ií¢€™m sure there are many of you reading this that are avid users of the MIUI ROM. Personally, I bounce between the CyanogenMod7 ROM and the OMFGB ROM. So, for those of you running a different ROM like me, maybe you have a friend using MIUI and maybe you really like the music player that comes along with it. If thatí¢€™s the case, this news is for you! MIUIí¢€™s music player has recently been extracted, courtesy of DroidUniverse. Many argue that the music player is MIUIí¢€™s greatest native app and I agree it has a pretty nice look. Granted, Ií¢€™ve come to rely pretty heavily on stream o…

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MIUIí¢€™s music player for any ROM you like
Jim Farmer – talkandroid.com