Meet the Motorola “Pax” for Sprint, a dual-core version of the XPRT

August 3, 2011 - Written By

If you are a fan of Blackberry-like phones, you may like the leaked Motorola “Pax.” It will be released as a Sprint device  and we don’t know if other carriers will get their hands on it. The Pax looks very similar to the Motorola XPRT which was also released by Big Yellow, two months ago. The only difference between both devices, so far, will be inclusion of a dual-core processor  in the Pax as opposed to s a 1GHz single-core for the XPRT. TMN also mentioned that the PAX will work with Sprint’s new CDMA 1X advanced push-to-talk system. Other than that, no other …

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Meet the Motorola í¢€œPaxí¢€ for Sprint, a dual-core version of the XPRT
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