Look But No Touch On T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II (Hercules)

August 31, 2011 - Written By

As we’ve been touting all day, Samsung finally revealed their US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II and Talk Android was there to cover it like a warm blanket on cold winter night. Devices were released on three of the four major carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T & Sprint).  However, T-Mobile was the only carrier to slap any hand that came near the device’s plastic casing.  As per their sales team, T-Mobile will most likely be holding their own launch event “some time in the fall” where they’ll unveil official specs, a release date and the official name of the d…

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Look But No Touch On T-Mobileí¢€™s Samsung Galaxy S II (Hercules)
Joe Sirianni – talkandroid.com