HTC Puccini will be branded as the ‘Jetsteam’ on AT&T

August 19, 2011 - Written By

We have been hearing a lot about the first HTC 10-inch tablet codenamed the Puccini. With the FCC approval, it is a matter of time till we see this LTE beast. The latest information is that we will see it by September or October. The official unveiling could be on September 1st, but for now we know it will be branded as the Jetstream on AT&T as the above picture of the settings menu provides confirmation.

We also expect that it will carry a different brand when sold internationally. We do not have confirmation, but looking at trademark filings there is a good chance that it wi…

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HTC Puccini will be branded as the í¢€˜Jetsteamí¢€™ on AT&T
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