“Fashionable” 7″ Tablet Launched by Pierre Cardin

August 4, 2011 - Written By

Out with the old, in with the… old- Pierre Cardin apparently just launched a “fashionable” 7”’ Android tablet that, according to Eurodroid, “…is powered by Android 2.2, so immediately fails one of the main criteria of fashion. It is running last season’s version…”

We couldn’t agree more. While the device is undoubtedly pretty, the specs leave much to be desired. With a single 1.0Ghz Samsung Cortex-A8 CPU, just 512mb of memory, and an 800*480 pixel capacitive screen, the only thing that might make the device wort…

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í¢€œFashionableí¢€ 7í¢€ Tablet Launched by Pierre Cardin
Ryan Brooks – talkandroid.com