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AppFriends A Great New Way To Discover Apps

If you are like most Android users then you have had issues sifting through the ever-growing list of apps entering the market. There is finally some good news in the form of AppFriends which takes a completely new and innovative approach to application discovery. It works by connecting you with your current Android friends and others users that share common interests. You are able to see your friends installed apps which is the best form of recommendation there is because if they kept that app installed then they have personally found some usefulness in its feature set. Along with seeing your friend's app list you can give a personal list of app recommendations and discover users with public AppFriends profiles that have interesting applications. AppFriends shows a lot of promise and it is something that we at Android Headlines strongly recommend so give it a try to discover the hidden gems of the Android Market.

Press Release

A New Way To Discover Apps


There's a new gathering place for Android users.  And nope, it's not another massive RPG game or Facebook ripoff.  It's a place for Android users to bond over apps, keep tabs on the latest and greatest new finds, and learn a little more about the people in their lives through the technology they have in common.

AppFriends allows Android users to peek behind he scenes and under the hood into other people's phones—friends, family, co-workers, even friendly strangers.  Open AppFriends and an Android user opens the door to a whole behind-the-scenes world of connections, interests, and Android.  It's a gathering place for anyone with an Android to find and share the best apps the Android Market has to offer and a next generation social network app for finding, sharing, and creating app lists.

With over 250,000 apps in the Android Market, and more being added everyday, it's easy for the best apps to get buried—espeically those special, more obscure gems, perfect for your very unique and original lifestyle.


A whole array of attempted solutions have cropped up all over the internet—from indie blogs to big name reviews, app lists, app guides, app recommendations, app of the day features, and more.  And that in turn has really only compounded the problem.  Now users are faced with the choice of digging through the Android Market or digging through the heaps of recommendations, reviews, and app lists outside the market!

Well, it looks like things are progressing, finally, and the pioneers of change this time are AppFriends—a simple new app that makes it easy for users to learn about the apps that interest them by taking a peek at what apps other users are downloading.

The app is simple, organized into two tabs:  "Your AppFriends" and "Meet AppFriends."  Opening the app opens "Your AppFriends" and displays a list of your AppFriends contacts, profile picture, and each user's current number of apps.  Tap on an AppFriend profile and view a list of all the apps currently installed on that friend's phone.   Interested?  Tap on an app to view screenshots and a description.  Downloading is just as simple.


Want to try out that new GTD app your boss has been talking so highly of?  See how you stack up against your own kids in their favorite games?  You may even discover a shared interest in hiking, historical fiction, or NASCAR with a family member, significant other, crush, or acquaintance!  Just tap the app to download, without even leaving AppFriends!

Switching to the "Meet AppFriends" tab displays a list of public AppFriends profiles.  It functions the same way as the private "Your AppFriends" list.  Tap on a user to view their apps, then tap on an app to download.

Under either tab, AppFriends functions as a means of discovering cool, new, interesting apps that is more direct and honest than even word of mouth.  If other people–especially your friends–are downloading and holding on to apps, chances are it's an app worth checking out!


AppFriends is also a new way to discover and strengthen connections with new and old friends.  Every collection of apps is unique to the individual AppFriend—so if you think a user's apps are awesome, chances are you'll probably get along with the user too.  And at the very least, you'll have just connected with a great source for new apps.

Plans are in motion for future releases to include profile message boards and means of recommending custom lists of apps to specific users, Gmail and Android contacts, or the AppFriends community at large.  Users will then be able to discuss apps, games, and lists of apps recommended by other AppFriend users.  Users will also be able to create lists of app they'd like to recommend to others, such as parents, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, coworkers, and other AppFriends with similar interests.

AppFriends is a quick and easy way to check out the apps and games on your friends' phones, plus make new friends while discovering new apps!


–          See other people's apps!  AppFriend other Android users to check out each other's apps

–          Find the best apps and games!  Get recommendations from other users

–          Share your favorite apps!  Recommend the perfect apps for your friends, coworkers, family, and anyone else


–          Make new friends! Discover cool new apps and the awesome people who use them

–          Hang out! Discuss apps, Android, and life with other AppFriends!

It's a gathering place for anyone with an Android to find and share the best apps the Android Market has to offer.


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