Where Art Thou Tablet Apps?

It has been months since the Motorola Xoom arrived in eager arms. Googles first tablet attempt seemed good on paper with a gorgeous new look, same great handling of notifications and the ability to build tablet optimized apps.

But wait where are those apps?

Over 100,000 apps are available to iPad users yet only a few 100 are available to Honeycomb users, this being 5 months down the line shouldn't there be more?

Ice Cream Sandwich Please

The problem is not about demand, I think there is a demand and a place for tablet computers and I think 3.0 Honeycomb is more than an able OS to suite peoples needs, but there is a problem, people are waiting for the next level. Ice Cream Sandwich, the big update that is going to merge Phone, Tablet, TV and any and every other device is what the developers want, an OS and SDK that allows one app to run on any device no problem.

When Google announced that 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would be a big update I am not surprised developers decided to hang back and wait, the Xoom did not exactly sell out in a day and so far the best selling tablet has been the ASUS Transformers which has not sold many to shout about, the demand has not been great enough for most to feel as if they had to develop a tablet app. Why waste people and resources when the whole process will become easier and smoother in a few months time saving then time and money in the long run, also since Android 2.x apps can somewhat run on the tablet then many have not yet felt compelled to release anything just yet. Maybe even Google is waiting for the update since Google+ doesn't yet have a tablet app ;).

Quality Or Quantity?

Is it all bad though? Do I need a host of tablet optimized Fart apps and some of the other rubbish that will inevitably populate the Market? Anyway a lot of good apps DO run on 3.0 Honeycomb. Most games do run perfectly on tablets such as Reckless Racing, Samurai 2: Vengence, Modern Combat 2 and Angry Birds, plus apps that you will use on a regular basis such Pulse and Tweetcomb do exist and more - A good list can be found here.


So what do you guys think? Personally I am waiting to see what Ice Cream Sandwich offers. I don't want to buy an ASUS Transformer and find out that the Nexus Super HD phone is coming out and a score of awesome tablets. I think then we will see a big increase in the amount of Android Tablet apps on the platform.


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