Subsonic – OMG, WTF Have I Gotten Myself Into [Part 2]

July 27, 2011 - Written By

***If you havení¢€™t already, please read my last article for context.***

Welcome back guys. Glad to see thereí¢€™s a few stragglers left here. Letí¢€™s just jump right into this tutorial.

1) First things first; you need the following:

– A PC (alternatively, you can use a mac or linux machine, though this is a WINDOWS tutorial)

– An internet connection

– A music library

2) Download the server software here for free

– Double-click the executable and proceed through your standard Windows installer (next, next, next, finish)

– …

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Subsonic í¢€“ OMG, WTF Have I Gotten Myself Into [Part 2]
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