REVIEW: Samsung Infuse 4G, Biggest And Slimmest!


First Thoughts

The biggest and slimmest android phone to date. That is what I have been using for the last few weeks, it definitely holds up to biggest, and it holds up to slimmest for sure. Now I have a few other things to address.

The Looks


IT.IS.BIG. This phone is a big one, being so big you would expect it to be kind of bulky, maybe a bit heavy or awkward? No not at all. It looks and feels great. It is not heavy, it is slim and easy to carry. It may not fit in all pockets, but it sure fits in mine.

The Hardware/Screen

I have a Single core, Hummingbird, 1200 mhz device. It has 16 gigs of memory built-in and supports up to 32 gigs via SD card. There is also 1 gig of ram. It is not dual core, but it is powerful. I have found that it can do many things very quickly. I would have loved to see this being a dual core device, however, it was not.

The screen is a 4.50 inch and supports 480 x 800 pixels, it is also a capacitive Super AMOLED Plus, the screen is very bright and makes things very easy to see. The clarity is great and is very nice. I have really been enjoying it.


The Battery

You get a 1750 mAh battery that is rated at 8.00 hours of talk, which I have not fully tested, I have found that I can get 8 – 10 hours of life out of it with day to day use. It is also supposed to get 400 hours of standby, which I am unsure what that means, no data plan or service? Not sure, but I do know that I used it a lot for different services, Twitter, Facebook and G-Mail.

The Operating System/Software

Android 2.2 comes with this devices, you also get touchwhiz. Touchwhiz isn't my favorite software on android, but it serves a purpose, it is sort of like HTC Sense but it adds quite a bit more. Touchwhiz adds little fun things, one I found, there is a music app that pops down while you have a song on. It is a little CD that drops down and works on the lock screen.


The Keyboard

There is no hard keyboard, however, swype comes on this device with an android keyboard as well. These keyboards on such a big screen is really cool. It makes them easy to manage and fun to use.

The Browsing, Camera and Video

Browsing on this device is pretty nice, AT&T's network makes it kind of difficult. The AT&T "4G" as they call it is kind of strange, it is just advanced 3G that doesn't always work 100% of the time. Sometimes we got down to 1x and other times it will go to H+. H+ is of course HSPA. Browsing is not always quick and sometimes it doesn't load properly, it can take a few times where I live which is northern Utah. They need to up that.

The rear camera is an 8 mp. The front is a 1.3 mp. The video records 1280×720 (720p HD) at 30 fps. Both are great, the camera has a big lens that brings in a lot of light and creates great pictures.


The Call Quality

So far all the calls on AT&T's network have been good, usually I have issues with the calling network, but so far it has been good.



  • Huge screen
  • Very slim
  • Fast internet when it works
  • Good cameras


  • The data network can be sketchy

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed using this phone and am excited to see if companies can bring out phones of this caliber. I think the screen size is my size of choice. I liked how slim it is as well, that may be a favorite as well. I was a fan of the Evo, the droid x and the Thunderbolt. This is a bit bigger than them. I would recommend this to someone who may not want a tablet, but still wants a big phone.