More News On The HTC Kingdom. Oh, And It’s Still Heading To Sprint.

July 19, 2011 - Written By

News about HTC’s Kingdom has been floating around for months.  We discussed the device heavily back in May and June, respectively here and here.  We’ve even mistaken it to be the HTC Evo 3D at one point.  Well, it looks like more news is on the rise and our friends over at Pocketnow have scooped up a pic of the device sporting Sprint branding and could possibly be dubbed the HTC Hero 4G.  In addition, cases/skins for the Kingdom have been spotted over at Qubits’ site along with skins for the HTC Bliss.  Hit the break to check out the gel skins and to find more info o…

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More News On The HTC Kingdom. Oh, And Ití¢€™s Still Heading To Sprint.
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