Logitech Revue Dropping To $100, The Company Hopes You'll Buy One Now


It's no surprise that Logitech would make a move like this after the recent flop in sales at the initial launch of its device sporting Google TV.  The Revue was the very first device to hit shelves and did so at a whopping 0 bucks.  According to the company's press release, they've announced that they will be dropping the price tag on the device significantly, to 0.  The new price tag has yet to surface on retail sites, as far as we know,  but they should be popping up soon.  Will you run out and get one now-  Keep in mind, newer, bigger and better dev…

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Logitech Revue Dropping To $100, The Company Hopes Youí¢€™ll Buy One Now
Joe Sirianni – talkandroid.com