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With the hype and selling of Google+ invitations going for sale on eBay, I'm very lucky to have had Chris Y., owner of AndroidHeadlines.com and friend, to have sent me an invitation after I had seen Transformers 3. Was I excited? Hell yeah! Those two events had me giddy well into the night. Okay, now I'm sure your asking why mention Google+ and Transformers? Because there CAN, remember I said can, be more than meets the eye to Google+.

Although at the moment, despite there being an app for Android users, you can still access the Google+ service through the web app. I would have preferred it if this service was more of a built for Android phones and have a more native and less web app feel, very complimentary to Android itself. Kind of makes me feel less exclusive, but that's just me. And I really can see people using this; I never did understand Ping. Google plus one, hah!

Anyway, I digress.

Now there is a Google service that can be used to access your Google profile through your phone via PC and possibly without a need for wires (the Google+ app still doesn't support profile editing and some other stuff that you can on the web version).... you know tethering or that wonky service, AirSync by doubleTwist, but managed the same way Gmail is managed, with Push notifications.

I wish this could be only for Android users, since we are Google's children, Goodren if you will, this could hold our contacts, email, Google profile (of course), books, documents (Google Docs), pictures, and their support forums (the train wreck that they are) and important files for Android. Kind of like that awesome Android Hub (copyright still pending. It's a process) I spoke of last time, huh? Exactly! Forget about pushing software stuff through carriers and their mismanaged wireless service; send it OTA through your phone. I could get themes for my Blackberry (it was before Android, so don't judge me. It's a pretty paper weight now.) with the click of a button on my laptop and receive it OTA on the Blackberry.

Bada-bing-bada-boom! This is what I REALLY want Google to do!

How many of y'all have switched phone or had to do a factory reset, I'm sure if you've called your phone carrier they recommend it 11/10 times when something is up, and you gotta go back and get your 155, give or take, apps. Sure, Google claims it can do that for you but they lie. It's half-baked and I always, literally, have to cancel every single download and do it myself manually because 10 hours over Wi-Fi wasn't enough to get passed the "downloading" stage of my small number of apps. What the French, right?

Speaking of things sweet, they should include a Market tab on the browser version of Google+ and for phones as well. Why not, ya know?

Google+ really could be huge by tying it in together for Android. If the Market will prevent you from downloading an incompatible app, why not use that same device identification service to get security patches at the very least? (Remember that thing Google did to pull malware apps and plug in a patch to the phones?)

And how about this... allow this secure Google service to hold a flashable back up of the device if for some reason it gets bricked. You plug your phone/tablet to your computer, Google+ (or Android Hub, copyright is still pending remember), it recognizes your phone/tablet model and allows you to flash your last back up so you never skipped a beat on your phone while tinkering around with it. And, why not also have it save your ROMs and .APK files too? It would be great for all Android users without having to form a mob to fight tooth and nail a rage against their machines to find a way to get proper and full use of their device. God bless the Android Dev community and their neglected families.

Hello the end of the iTunes and Android relationship! Don't get me wrong, I love iTunes, but now with Google's Music Beta as well as Picasa to have a photo service through and bring it into Google+!

Therefore you can manage your music with a beautiful and elegant service, using Google services for Google products for Android people! Abraham Lincoln would be proud.

Google+ can be so so SO much more than what it is now, it could be what solidifies Android as a solid and stable platform, no longer still referred to as the poor man's iPhone.

And I believe they should also incorporate an area for people to register developer accounts as well, without them where would Android be? An ugly G1 brick, that's where.

Having a developer account tab as well into this Google+ service can allow devs to easily work on their apps, upload, get their account, and mess around with Google app builder program. This service could really take Android to become the obelisk to be proud and tall, to really drive home that despite Android's adversity (it's what Andy Rubin will call fragmentation and Android upgrades held back because of UIs [you know what I'm talking about HTC Desire peeps] the next time it's brought up. I think, most likely anyway) it still has a place to call home where they, high-end and entry level, devices can connect to the Android Hub (you know what goes here by now).

So why not have Google+ step it up and become Google^2 to deliver a much needed service to all Android users? Come on Google, we help you by buying you should help yourselves by helping provide stability for us. Remember, show us loyalty and we'll show it right back.

Google, you gotta push, push, push, and not into our private lives or anything but for excellence and the best product service out there. And remember, looks matter (you know it does, don't deny it). ;)



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