Contest: The Box Mobile Developers Dream Challenge, Win $50,000 in Cash & Prizes


The Box Mobile Developer Challenge: Win $50,000 in cash & prizes, along with the chance to present your app to Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson and become a funded business!

The Box Mobile Dev Challenge is designed to bring out the best in mobile development. It is Box's first developer challenge and Android, iOS, and webOS developers are all being called upon to create game changing enterprise apps. The top two winners will have a chance to pitch their apps to venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurveston in hopes of becoming a venture-backed app development team, while also winning substantial cash prizes.


This is a great opportunity for developers to create an application that will have a large impact on how mobile work is conducted. It's also a chance to get noticed in the crowded sea of mobile apps and developers that are flooding app stores. Of course, there is also the chance to put your work on showcase in front of venture capitalists and earn the opportunity to create the business you've always envisioned.

A Game Changing Enterprise Mobile App

The competition is for an enterprise-grade application with the capabilities to empower a mobile workforce to be equally productive whether in the office or mobile in the field conducting business. While there are a number of apps that are currently geared toward the increasingly mobile enterprise crowd, there aren't enough apps that allow for productivity to continue undisturbed when trading the computer for a smartphone and a tablet. This lack of powerful applications can be felt across the board from students in the classroom to CEOs on the go.


The judges of the competition will be looking for innovative business apps that are deeply integrated with Box. Apps can be designed for specific professions like lawyers, doctors, and contractors or  more generally, such as document and presentation creation, collaboration, and editing tools. The key is to go a step beyond the cloud storage system and design applications that tap into previously unavailable capabilities and features in ways that enable real work to be done from a mobile device.

The Prizes

All entrants who register for the contest will also receive $75 in free InMobi ad spend.



$25,000 Cash, $5,000 InMobi Ad Network Spend, and a Pitch Meeting with Draper Fisher Jurvetson



$10,000 Cash, $5,000 InMobi Ad Network Spend, and a Pitch Meeting with Draper Fisher Jurvetson


Each of the top ten apps will receive a brand new HP TouchPad.


The top two winners will also be flown to San Francisco to join Box CEO Aaron Levie on stage and show off their app at BoxWorks.


In order to enter the contest head on over to the sign up page. If you're going to be anywhere near Palo Alto, CA on Jul. 30 Box has organized a meetup for any developers interested in learning more about the contest. It will also be a great place for networking check out the meetup page for more information.


Here is the necessary documentation on exactly how to integrate with the Box software platform. In case you would like to see a sample SDK with the correct APIs one has been provided, and you can log on here to start creating your application.

The Time To Start Is Now

Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out, now is the time to start creating an awesome enterprise-grade mobile application. App submissions are due by Sept. 9, and the winner will be announced at the BoxWorks conference on Sept. 28th. We look forward to seeing the great apps that you guys submit. Good Luck!


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