Android Phone Quick Review: Motorola Atrix (with Laptop Dock)


First Thoughts

It took a while longer than normal to get this atrix and laptop dock, but I was pretty excited when it finally arrived. I was able to get the dock and phone, it was something pretty unique.

The Looks


I must say the look and design of this device is quite nice. It is form-fitting and the rounded edges do a lot for it. Having the power button a bit indented is pretty awesome and does a lot for it, it adds a bit of something new to it that other devices do not get.

The Hardware/Screen

This is a dual core 1000 MHz processor in here. There is also 1024 MB of RAM, both of these things make this a powerful device. You get a 16 gb sd card in the device and that is also quite nice. Over all, you get a lot and it shows.

The screen is 540 x 960 pixels which makes it QHD, high-resolution! It is a 4 inch capacitive screen that lets you browse a lot of the web, pictures are quite clear.


The Battery

The battery is 1930 mAh and it is necessary for the processor and screen. It is rated at 8.80 hours of talk time and 264 hours of standby. I found there to be an average of 6 – 8 hours of general use. This is pretty standard and is probably a good thing with a big screen and dual core processing. This is pretty awesome.

The Operating System/Software

Android 2.2 comes with this device, you get motoblur… or whatever they wanna call it now! Blur isn't the most up to date, but from what I understand it will be soon. With a new update tha

t I was unable to test you may get Gingerbread and newer blur. Blur runs well on the atrix, it is fast and smooth.


The Laptop Dock

I was a bit saddened by the dock, it was really just a screen with a keyboard, no innards, in the future I feel like they should put a bit of ram in it to help the phone. I was unable to do too much, flash of course loaded, but nothing else would due to ram issues. It was pretty fast, but surely not as fast as a tablet. I would recommend a tablet or lightweight computer rather than a laptop dock, I would also say you should tether or use a hotspot.

The Keyboard


Swype and a Motorola keyboard come with this device, there is no hard keyboard onboard, that seems to become a trend. Swype is nice on this device, the big keyboard and QHD add a little, not a whole lot but kind of.

The Browsing, Camera and Video

Browsing isn't the fastest on AT&T's network, but it is pretty decent. The actually speed from the dual core is pretty nice. When connected to wifi it is fast and very nice. The camera is a 5mp, maybe not the best and maybe doesn't offer the finest quality, but it is pretty nice. Video on the rear is 1280×720 (720p HD) and 30 fps. The front camera is 0.3 and VGA for video.

The Call/Data Quality

The AT&T calling isn't bad. I never had a problem


to speak of. Calls were clear and worked every time.



  • A Big QHD Screen
  • Front Camera
  • Dual Core Works


  • The Data Could Have Been Faster
  • The Front And Rear Camera Could Have Been More Powerful

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I would call this one of the better phones I have used and likely the best on AT&T. It is dual core, QHD and has lots of space. It is pretty sweet over all. I had no real issues with this device and the laptop dock was pretty sweet, however, it wasn't all I would thought it would or could be. It needs more ram for sure because I was barely able to do anything from the laptop dock, it was a better idea to use it as a hotspot for your already owned laptop



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