Ziilabs Soon to Release Dual-Core and Quad-Core Chips for Tablets


How Many Cores Do you Have?

Tablets these days are going for more and more power. And that power is coming directly from the system-on-chip they use. In short, the processor really makes all the difference when it comes to Android tablet power. To give you an example, the Motorola Xoom is running off a 1 Ghz dual-core processor. Soon enough, tablets are going to be running off faster and more powerful chips, all thanks to one company.

ZMS-20 and ZMS-40

ZiiLabs, a company owned by Creative Technology, is releasing two new chips that have been designed to revolutionize the Android tablet industry. The company is releasing a brand new dual-core and quad-core chip based on the ARM Cortex A9 chip. These chips are boasting a 1.5 Ghz speed, much like the HTC Flyer out on the market now. The difference really comes in amount of cores the chip has, giving it that extra boost of power. The ZMS-20 is the dual-core model and the ZMS-40 is the quad-core equivalent.

Both of these chips have advanced support for HD video on the tablet as well as an increase in speed and power.  These chips have been completely optimized for Android 3.0 and are designed for the use in new and upcoming Android tablet devices.