Want Something Different? 10 Android Phones That are Not-So Mainstream



Looking for an Android device that no one else will have? Check this out!



Sure the HTC Droid Incredible was and still is incredible, and the Motorola Droid X is a beast of a phone, but everyone has one of those. I mean even my grandmother is rocking an Evo. So I'll bet you're looking for something new. Something no one else will have. Well then we have the list just for you. 10 phones that are not so mainstream.


Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy S was a wildly popular line of phones. One of the reasons behind that was the fact that it was sold on every major carrier in the U.S. and on some of the regional carriers as well. You can get this phone unlocked for $725. The Galaxy S line all sported pretty much the same specs:

    • 1Ghz hummingbird processor
    • SAMOLED (Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen at 4"
    • 5 Mp camera
    • Android 2.1
    • 8 GB internal storage
    • Micro sd slot


LG Optimus B

The LG Optimus B (which is apparently Japan's version of the Optimus Black) looks to be a promising phone. It isn't top tier specs but it is no slouch by any means. The Optimus B will be available  on NTT Docomo, while the Optimus Black has no announced U.S. carriers, there will more than likely be a version here in the States. In total, 56 carriers in 50 nations worldwide will carry this phone.

    • Android 2.2
    • 4-inch NOVA display
    • 1GHz ARM7 processor
    • 1GB ROM/512 MB RAM
    • 5MP rear facing camera, 2MP front facing camera



Foxconn Orange Boston

The interesting thing about this phone is who makes it. It is made by the same company that produces Android's main competitor's hardware. That's right, it's made by Foxconn, the same company that makes all of Apple's hardware for everything they sell. Foxconn wanted to get in on the Android mania, and this is how they are doing it, with your average, mid-range device. It will be available on Orange.

    • 3.2 inch touch screen
    • 600MHz Qualcomm processor
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 5 MP camera
    • Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS
    • Micro sd Slot

ZTE R750

ZTE is more of an overseas device maker. They only have a few phones available here in the U.S. but they are looking to add more with this phone, another mid-range device. It has the capacity to work on both AT&T bands and Verizon bands.

    • 600 MHz processor
    • 3.2 inch display
    • 3.1MP camera
    • Bluetooth and wifi

Garmin-Asus A10

Now here's an interesting phone. Made by Garmin in partnership with Asus, this phone will likely have a heavy focus on GPS. You will get Garmin's maps and a digital compass. It seems to be aimed at pedestrians more than drivers. From what I found it looks to run on an HSPA network, so either AT&T or Tmobile.

    • 3.2" screen
    • Android 2.1
    • 5MP camera
    • Obviously, GPS
    • 512 RAM and ROM
    • 4GB of storage
    • Micro sd
    • Wifi


Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Sony's ever growing line of Xperia phones looks like it's about to get another addition, the Xperia Neo. Once again, although it isn't top of the line, ground breaking specs, it is very close, and can easily be considered a top of the line phone over all. Unfortunately, I could not find where this phone will land, other than that it was supposed to be available at the end of Q1.

    • 1GHz processor
    • Android 2.3
    • 3.7 inch screen
    • 8GB micro sd

Acer BeTouch E130

How about a low-end android device made by Acer. Not a whole lot to be said about it. It have a candy bar style set up with a full qwerty keyboard on front. Already Available outside the U.S.

    • 2.6" screen
    • Front-facing keyboard
    • 416 MHz processor
    • 3.1 MP camera
    • Micro sd
    • FM radio tuner
    • Android 1.6

NEC Medias

NEC, a major electronics company, is jumping into Android now too, with the NEC Medias. Not too much is known about this phone though. It will be available in Japan on NTT Docomo.

    • Android 2.2
    • 4" screen
    • 5MP Camera

Acer Liquidmini

Looking for a small phone? Then check out the Acer Liquidmini. Not a whole lot to be said so I will just jump into the specs. Will be available in the UK.

    • 3.2" screen
    • 600MHz processor
    • 5MP camera
    • And the full wireless options you have come to expect, like wifi and Bluetooth
Yes, Yes I know it is upside down..

Motorola Glam

Ok so this one isn't so weird besides one thing, it offers 2 sim cards, more than likely for traveling around the globe. Looks like it would be a good phone for someone who isn't too concerned with having the biggest and baddest around. It is reportedly coming to India.

    • Android 2.1
    • 5MP Camera
    • HDMI out
    • 550MHz processor
    • 256 RAM
    • 512 ROM
    • Wifi