Want Android ROM One-Stop-Shopping? check out AndroidRTK.com

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One of the more frustrating parts about rooting your android is the searching of ROM updates, especially if you decide to try a new flavor of Android every now and then. Once you find what you are looking for you then get the file upload site choices. If you actually signed up for one of their "premium" services, it doesn't always mean the ROM you are shopping for is on the same one, so you might still end up waiting out the 45+ seconds to even get the link to the then slow download! Enter AndroidRTK.com. They are looking to eliminate that by having a universal site for all of your roms to be available for download. The site is a great idea, but needs the proper exposure to become the home of all ROM's Android it longs to be. Check out the videos below showing the developers side of things, then the user's experience. If you think this site is a good idea like I do, be sure to re-tweet, like, or whatever else you can to get this information out there!