Walk Through Of The New Google Music Service


Invitation Only

The new Google cloud music beta has just been initiated and it is accompanied by a new music apk and a free 20GB of  cloud music storage accessible from any device with an internet connection.  The first step to start enjoying the new Google Music beta is to get an invite so if you haven't already applied head on over to the music page and sign up. After you have signed up and received an invite you will get the above email letting you know you're in.

After selecting get started this is the next screen that will be presented to you. Showing that once your music is on the cloud it is with you wherever you go all you need is with access to you Google account.

Free Music

Upon entering you are given the option to add selected free music to your collection. Its nothing too special but hey its free so you might as well select your favorite genres and see what they have available. The music will be added to your cloud library and is now yours for as long as you use the service.


Uploading Music

Next you will be asked to download the music manager which will assist you in uploading all of your music from your computer onto your cloud space.


After you have installed the music manager you are shown the above warning letting you know that your Android device at minimum has to be running version 2.2 or higher. As always you have the make sure the music your upload is legal warning and make sure you only use the service for personal use.

Then log in with your Google Account.

After logging in select where your music is stored on your computer so that it can be uploaded.


Automatic updating is a nice feature included so that once you set up your account and download manager you never have to go through the process again. Whenever you add new music to your iTunes library it will be automatically added to your cloud storage and available.

Finally You're In

The above shot is taken from your desktop browser so it will be the same for every computer you log on. The layout is very similar to that of the online Market so you should already be familiar with the set up. After this step everything is done and you now have access to your music wherever and whenever.

The service has the genius ability just like iTunes and will create a playlist of 20 songs based on whichever song you decide to use as the template. The free 20GB of storage is more than generous and you should be able to have most if not all of your collection available. The only thing left to do is turn up some tunes and relax!


Video Introduction