Video:Qualcomm's New Dual Core Processor Is Amazing


Qualcomm gives us what we want, “More Power”

Qualcomm is going to make us all say “More power” in are best Tim the tool man voice. The MSM8660 is simply incredible and they have some video to show you just how much more power the dual core processor will offer. Two words for you, “a-synchronous processing”. This really big technology word is basically saying that the processors can run independently at up to 1.5 GHz. That’s an amazing amount of power that will be unparalleled as the MSM8660 will be the first a-synchronous processor in the world ,a remarkable feat for Qualcomm, that has to be raising eyebrows over at NVIDIA producers of the only available dual core processors for tablets and phones as of the writing of this article.

Developer Device is ready

Qualcomm has an answer for developers who want to begin tailoring their apps for this processor, MDP (Mobile Developer Platform) unit. The unit is running MSM8660 and the brand new Adreno 220 GPU. It packs a 13MP camera (sheesh!), HDMI-out, and runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. It will run you a whopping $1350 and this is one ugly device. The full preview is in the video and despite the un-sexiness factor its killer.

The video also shows some impressive flash playback in 1080p as well as HTML 5. The in browser video playback performance is mind numbing, If you can’t tell I was floored by the power of Qualcomm’s new beast and cant wait to see it reach the hands of consumers. Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Later Folks.